Ruth Moro, born on 21st July 1944 in Schwyz, Switzerland.
Papermaker and paper artist, expanding her knowledge and skills by attending workshops in Switzerland, France, Germany, Holland, Denmark and Japan.
For some time, she conducted personal research on an personal level, into plant structures and the use of plants in hand paper making and their use in art.
Her works of art can be found in public and private collections in Switzerland and abroad.
Ruth Moro lives and works in Cavigliano, Canton of Ticino, Switzerland.

"… my work is closely connected with nature. I establish a ritual with her, which leads me from the exterior to the interior, from what is without to what is within, from things you can see to those that are hidden. I seek a dialogue with nature, and when I have found it, the work springs to life, grows and develops …"
Ruth Moro



Schweizer Papierhistoriker, Basler Papiermühle, Basel
Kunstwettbewerb Paper art, 3. Preis


Bundesamt für Kultur, Bern
Beitrag an Monographie Ruth Moro


University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, USA
Catherine Crossman FoundersAward for innovative use of material


Triennale Internationale du Papier Viviane Fontaine 1996, Charmey, Svizzera
Premier Prix de la Triennale


Imadate Exhibition of Contemporary Paper Art Works, Imadate, Japan
Excellence Award